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Shake the lake volume 3

Shake the lake Vol. 3

As the days count down to “Shake The Lake”, Joe misses his chance to ask Megan out and bums around at the lakehouse. A friendly competition to close sponsors wins Jake a make-out sesh with McClouski’s secretary and Cal convinces a legendary pro wakeboarder to come ride in the event. 
Nika gets revenge for some long past transgressions and ends up stealing a kiss from Cal under the stars. The crew throws a massive houseboat party and Zeke and Dalton show up with attitude and a plan to shut down the event. 
This comic series follows a crew of best friend wakeboarders as they navigate personal and social challenges in an unfamiliar Arizonan lake town while prepping for a massive summer festival.
Think Lords of Dogtown on the water with a bit of American Pie meets Wet Hot American Summer.
Shake The Lake Volume 3 of a 4 part alternative comic book series.
36 Sequential, Full-Color Pages.

Story: Zach Block & Machi Block.
Art: Diego López Mata & Carla Andrea López Mata


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