domingo, 27 de mayo de 2018

Undad. Graphic novel.


More than just another zombie story, Undad is about the challenges of being a husband/father while being (literally) dead inside.

A chance encounter with a ragged homeless man leaves Brett Buckley with deep teeth marks in his arm, and a sudden ravenous hunger for living flesh. Unable to control these urges, he consumes the hamster that belongs to his son’s class.

Fearing that losing his family might cost him the last of his dwindling humanity, Brett must win back their love and respect, all the while attempting to find his new place in the world and reconcile his vegetarian morals with his insatiable appetite for live meat…

Undad was shortlisted in the 2015 Australian Shadows Awards for best graphic novel and was a finalist in the 2016 ACT Writing and Publishing Awards.

Writer: Shane W. Smith.
Illustrators: Diego & Carla Andrea López Mata; Joseph Canave; Anthony Salinas.

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