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Shake the lake volume 2

Shake the lake Vol. 2

Cal is immediately stricken with Nika and his upgraded summer life. Things appear to be great but the lack of a strong wake community leads to rising tensions between individual crews and Cal fights with Nika’s ex-boyfriend, a prominent icon in the community. Zeke and Dalton, two hardnosed Park Rangers, target the crew with constant trouble and threats against the Marina. Cal, Nika and the others make it their goal to throw a professional wakeboarding event called “Shake The Lake” at the end of the summer.
Nika’s father agrees to help promote the event and get industry businesses, riders and sponsors onboard during the busy tourist season which causes fiction with the high society yacht club and the city officials. 
With the enlisted help of the marina workers and a washed up talent agent named McClouski, the group learns how to put together a professional event. However, the Park Rangers and quite a few of the wealthy townspeople don’t look kindly on “Shake The Lake” or those putting it on and obstacles begin to stack up. Obstacles that threaten all the work they’ve done during the summer and even the future of the Marina and the well-being of Nika’s family.

This comic series follows a crew of best friend wakeboarders as they navigate college, parties, love and life.

Think Lords of Dogtown on the water with a bit of American Pie meets Wet Hot American Summer.
Shake The Lake Volume 2 of a 4 part realistic comic book series.

38 Sequential, Full-Color Pages

Story: Zach Block & Machi Block
Art: Diego López Mata & Carla Andrea López Mata


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